The company produces health and beauty products, based on Cretan herbs, Aloe, Carob and oil.

The company Biocretanlife was founded on 21-12-2012, in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, by George Alexis, professor of Physical Education, in parallel with the activity of another family business of sports goods under the name alexisport (www.alexisport.com).

The restless spirit of George Alexis, along with his service as a teacher , contributed to the entry of the first stone of biocretanlife with the activity of collecting, processing and sale of native herbs.

George, despite the fact that his main motivation was the support of his brother, had entered into a process of organizing, advertising and designing additional products and could not back down.

Next to the herbs which, in addition, began to be added to the collection, the production of Aloe began, in a privately owned area, with an initial investment of 11 pots of productive Aloe Vera plants (Barbandensis Miller) purchased at an excessive amount of € 100 each. But the depreciation was immediate as the sale of the leaves and the number of branches allowed it.

In the process, cooperation began with an Aloe juice production unit and standardization in a 250 ml bottle and 1000 ml later began.

At the same time, cooperation began with a factory for the production of locust products, until the production of these products began by the company itself and from its own raw material, but also from the purchase of locusts from other producers in the region of Mirabello, Crete.

Over time, other products began to be added and today it has a rich collection of organic products certified by TUV AUSTRIA.

The collection has started to be enriched with 15% ezan perfumes and body and face cosmetics and essential oils, with a 400 lt essential oil distillery.

It expects to enter the market more dynamically in the near future.


VISION: Biocretanlife's vision is to provide the domestic and international market with innovative high quality beauty and health products at good prices, based on its passion and experience, the dynamics of its partners and its continuous research effort. The company has a customer center and is committed to continuously maximizing its satisfaction.

MISSION: Our mission is to create and offer to our customers, products that excite them, inspire them, renew them and create health conditions, giving undivided attention and care to their quality and their high level of aesthetics.

VALUES: The values ​​of Biocretanlife are at the "heart" of its corporate culture and operation, from its inception until today.

Consistency in Quality

The passion for improvement, the constant search for new-innovative proposals and the commitment to the perfect result, are pervasive at all levels of our business activity.

Focus on the Goal

We encourage initiative, creativity, extroversion and innovation, with the aim of constantly becoming better and making our customers proud of their choice.

Respect for Man

Our development is based on respect for our employees, our partners and our consumers. We build open relationships with them and emphasize interactive communication and constructive dialogue.

Social Responsibility

Biocretanlife recognizes the importance of the overall well-being of the local and wider environment in which it operates and therefore places particular emphasis on actions and actions to protect it. At the level of human values, it supports socially vulnerable groups, implements equal employment opportunities policies and cultivates relationships of mutual trust with the local communities where it operates.


CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: In the modern and rapidly changing world, Biocretanlife and its partners continue to respect traditions and perform their work with integrity.

Our fundamental guide is to be a socially responsible company and to act for the benefit of all concerned.

 WHY COOPERATE WITH Biocretanlife.

1. Because it is a genuine Greek company

2. Because its products are grown in the Cretan land with strict biological standards

3. Because the prices are affordable and in many cases completely competitive.

4. Why do we try not to burden our products with too many preservatives, which means shorter shelf life.

5. Why do we provide 100% refund to any consumer who is not satisfied with the use of our products, for 90 days.

6. Because we are interested